Friday, September 3, 2010

Centuries Later The Counter Reformation Continues

The Newman Institute in Uppsala, Sweden
Stockholm ( / KAP) is the weekend after centuries reopen a Catholic university in Sweden their doors. The "Newmaninstitutet" in Uppsala is in, according to the university administration, the first Catholic educational institution since the Reformation 16th his century, which receives the power to take academic exams. 1477 Pope Sixtus IV had been the last Catholic university founded in Uppsala. The Jesuit-run university is celebrating its opening on Sunday afternoon with three papers which deal, inter alia, the challenges to Christianity today.

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Hat Tip to Tancred (here)
Link (here) to read about Swieta Lipka, the Jesuits and the Swedish Protestant invasion of Poland


Tancred said...

Just wanted to say that not all the local traddies like this new Jesuit Institution. Independent sources say that homegrown seminarians don't want to study there.

Not only that, the Rector is a disciple of Karl Rahner SJ, and their flagship publication in Swedish is full of antiquated 70s theology which wasn't even in mode when it was "fresh".

We think it would be safe to say that those who want to send their resources here should at least take another look, at least if they're serious enough about the Catholic Faith to give their money and hard-earned cash.

Thanks for the link, we like what you do.

Anonymous said...

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