Friday, September 3, 2010

Jesuits Leave Indian Mission After 126 Years

St. Stephan's Mission - Wind River Reservation
Tuesday, August 31 was an historic day for the Native American People on St. Stephen Indian Mission on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  After 126 years of ministry and service to the Native American people at the St. Stephen Indian Mission, the Jesuits transferred the Mission to the Diocese of Cheyenne.  It was a truly beautiful, and emotional ceremony, as the pictures will reveal. A heartfelt thanks to the Jesuits for their loving service to the Native American People at St. Stephen!  Somewhere around 100 Jesuit priests, brothers and volunteers served on the reservation during this 126 year history.  Departing us at this time are Rev. Ron Seminara, SJ; pastor, Rev. Robert Hilbert, SJ, and Rev. Daniel J. Gannon, SJ.  They are each deeply loved.
During the same Mass, we installed the new pastor, and received a new religious community into service in the Diocese.  As members of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, the new pastor is Fr. Tony Blount, S.O.L.T., and as associate, Fr. John Gaffney, S.O.L.T., and serving in residence is one of their members who has served already in the diocese, and most recently in Lovell is Fr. Eckley Macklin, S.O.L.T.  They will have with them until December another member of their community, Br. Michael Mary Wight, S.O.L.T.  Welcome to the S.O.L.T. community!
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