Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Dusty, Windswept Tract Of Land South Of Baghdad.

The Jesuit founded Al Hikma University in Baghdad 1959
Al Hikma University in Baghdad, with buildings built by Fr. Leo J. Guay, son of Mr. and Mrs. James J. Guay of New Salem Street, held its first graduation. Founded in 1956, the university had moved, by September 1959, to its new campus, "a dusty, windswept tract of land South of Baghdad. The university now has four buildings, of Assyrian and Babylonian architecture, with thick walls and deeply recessed windows as protection against scorching heat." Fr. Guay, a Jesuit, wrote to his parents: "Since my construction work is nearing the end, I will go back to teaching, but now I will teach engineering. I will not be teaching chemistry, but will head the department of chemistry. So you see I will still be very busy."
Photo (here) at Iraqimojo (BTW great link)

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