Saturday, September 11, 2010

Smallpox Carrying Jesuits?

Drew Hayden Taylor
Before crucifying me for saying so, understand I make this supposition on the sheer logic of history. Look at how native people have been treated in the more than 500 years of Christian colonization. 
I am, of course, speaking of the physical, sexual and emotional abuse perpetrated by church-run residential schools, smallpox-carrying Jesuit missionaries,
the banning of sun dances and potlatches because they lured aboriginal peoples away from Christianity, and so on. 
Link (here) to the anti-Christian, anti-Catholic and anti-Jesuit op-ed piece at The Globe and Mail written by Drew Hayden Taylor.


Anonymous said...

Three points are interesting. The first is that while he condemns Koran burning, it doesn't prevent him from taunting Christians about bibles. I wonder if he sees how disingenuous this is.

Second, he blames Christians for grave abuses that occurred during the colonization of the Americas. I suppose that 500 years from now some will blame Catholics for the actions of those among them who support abortion, etc. while ignoring Christianity's saints, its message or those many converts who are forever grateful.

Third, he writes: "I wonder if Pastor Jones has even read the Koran. I haven't, but from what I've heard, it's not that different from the Bible. Most religions teach the same message; they just use different textbooks." That's almost exactly what one woman stood and said aloud at a small mass here 2 days ago, after the priest expressed satisfaction that the pastor in Florida had decided against burning Korans.

Unfortunately, the priest didn't seize the opportunity to clarify that even as there are beliefs that unite us, there are indeed fundamental differences, as both Muslims and Christians would surely agree.

Being at a mass, one could only object at the moment by intervening with a "no, they are not"; and with petitioning at the moment when petitions are raised, for the conversion of all people to Catholicism, regardless of their religion.

That, of course, is not politically correct, but is a fundamental aspect of what Jesus mandated that is being ignored by many, even some priests.

Simultaneously, Muslims do not seem deterred in their plans to convert humanity to those beliefs of theirs which contradict Catholicism and which are therefore false. Therefore, Catholics cannot remain quiet.

However, unlike violence or burning Korans, promoting and explaining Catholicism (and its differences with Islam and other religions) is the spiritually correct, civilized and necessary thing to do. Who could argue that intelligent, well prepared, benevolent persuasion will not win over burnings or violent force?


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