Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Boston College Web Linkage To Abortion Mill

Students who look up local pro-bono organizations on the Boston College Law School website may be surprised to find the contact information listed for Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. The web page, included under the academic programs category at, is a list of organizations that students are encouraged to contact should they 
“line up with [their] own personal mission of service.” 
The page lists contact information for Planned Parenthood’s volunteer coordinator and the address of the clinic on Commonwealth Avenue.  According to Planned Parenthood’s website, the clinic provides in-clinic abortions, the abortion pill, and referrals for abortions.
Link (here) The Observer.


Anonymous said...

Many Catholic schools have ceased being Catholic and instead advocate religious and moral relativism.

TonyD said...

True service is only service if it is aligned with the values of God.

We should not disregard the “golden rule”. If we change others position on abortion by marketing, emotional persuasion, or distortions of the topic, then the laws or policies that result do not reflect a genuine compromise between competing interests. That is, we will have again proven our inability to be interdependent in the eyes of God.

In addition, such a process has the effect of undermining the law – and recasting crime as justice.

We do a disservice to our souls and to our society by ignoring others genuinely held values. We are disobeying the most important commandment.