Monday, September 6, 2010

Fr. James Martin, S.J. "Yes, I See The Marxist Influence In Liberation Theology"

Yes, I see the Marxist influence in liberation theology, mainly in its call for an analysis of those structures that keep the poor poor.  (That is, Karl Marx wasn't a complete fool: he did have some intelligent insights.)
Link (here) to Fr. James Martin's blog piece, this quote is from the comments section.


Anonymous said...

Reading through the comments posted on Fr. Martin's post one cannot help but notice how those who support Liberation Theology focus on success only through the lens of economics (like many of their capitalist adversaries!). The last several comments were very interesting and the last one (as to be expected, by a LT supporter) speaks to constructing the Kingdom partially in this world and fully in the next.

Perhaps then the commenter meant that, like the middle class and the rich, the poor too, need to be evangelized and taught to adore and serve God above all things, and not to lie, bear false witness, fornicate, commit adultery, kill, refuse to work, envy, etc. But I doubt it. Liberation theologians will seldom mention the sins of the poor except to argue that it's all automatically forgiven in the case of poverty.

But that's not what Jesus had in mind when he promised the poor paradise, for in the next breath he spoke of 'purity of heart', etc.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation? That's for everyone else; Marxists, as we all know, rely on collective (totalitarian, dictatorial) dialectical correction. The desire to accumulate is the only sin, unless one happens to be a dictator supposedly accumulating on the destitute proletariat's behalf. Should a priest prioritize or waste time hearing confessions? Of course not.

For Marxists don't recognize God or see themselves as sinners in need of salvation (opium) but only as self liberating liberators and martyrs, even as they kill one, a few or many in cold blood, or help their utmost to enslave a nation, like Cuba.


Joseph Fromm said...

Well said! EA



Gabriel Bernal said...

Right on EA, You are absolutely right on.