Monday, September 27, 2010

Jesuit On Ignatian Chastity

Friendship in the Society should offer Jesuits the opportunity to develop a range of relationships that communicate varying levels of intimacy and trust, including some that might approximate the intense friendship between Ignatius, Xavier, and the first companions. 
Developing such intimacy among men is not the usual experience of males in our culture and is challenging for Jesuits whatever their s@xual orientation might be.  Heterosexual and hom@s@xual Jesuits will both need to discover how this closeness and vulnerability can be realized as a gift of our community life and a healthy expression of living chastity.  
Perhaps this is one way we accept the invitation that “Jesuit community is not just for mission; it is itself mission.”

Link (here) to the essay entitled, Living Chastity by Fr. Gerdenio Sonny Manuel, S. J.


Credo said...

"challenging for Jesuits whatever their s@xual orientation might be".

You simply cannot make this stuff up. These lunatic Jesuits. Maybe as a part of their exercises they could imagine St. Ignatius and our Dear Lord in a room listening to this know, to gain a little perspective, like , oh, maybe St Ignatius and the Good Lord would rather the word priest and sexual orientation not be used in the same sentence....

Anonymous said...


Do you honestly believe that there were no homosexuals in St. Ignatius' day?

Hint for the incorrigible: there already was a fairly large gay subculture in classical Greece.

Credo said...

Are we now likening the Society of Jesus to a "gay subculture? Man up Mister and sign your name.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you answer the question, rather than throw out red herrings?

Maria Hayden Byrd said...

"Heterosexual and hom@s@xual Jesuits will both need to discover how this closeness and vulnerability can be realized"

A "homosexual Jesuit". Hmmm. Like a "lesbian nun"? Hmmm. Like a virtuous liar? Like a "Catholic Abortionist"???

Wouldn't we be better off turning our heart and minds to God?

Man up, Mister. Sign your name.

Anonymous said...

I have news for you.

Even in the "good old days" before V-2, there were gays in the clergy, some of whom struggled with celibacy; I know this from priests who were there.

You still didn't answer the question. Is it that hard for you?

I see no need to share my name with the unwashed masses on the web. It has nothing to do with being "manly," and everything to do with being prudent.