Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Former-Jesuit Advocate

A former Jesuit and currently a professor at Georgetown has joined in rallying support for same-s@x marriage on the campus of Georgetown University.
Father Joseph Palacios, a sociology teacher, is a member of the board of Catholics for Equality, (here) a group that is pushing for legal recognition of same-s@x unions. 
He argues that Catholics are ready to embrace the cause because “Catholicism, as a religious group, is one of the most progressive Christian groups” in the country. 
Link (here) to the original Catholic Culture article.
Link (here) to the Georgetown's Hoya newspaper website article on the subject


Anonymous said...

Joseph Palacios is NOT a member of the Society of Jesus. He left the order several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Palacios also abandoned the Catholic faith, as his support for an intrinsic evil reveals.