Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Jesuit Father's Film On A Catholic Polish Resistance Fighter

A film about the Holocaust – produced by a Jesuit priest – finds itself on a possible path to the Academy Awards. The 37-minute documentary is called “The Labyrinth,” and 
tells the story of Marian Kolodziej, a Polish Catholic resistance fighter during World War II who survived more than five years in Auschwitz. 
Three years ago, Kolodziej’s work was discovered by Jesuit Father Ron Schmidt, who came to Auschwitz to produce a documentary on an annual interfaith conference held there.
Link (here) to the full story at National Jesuit News


Marc said...

I want that poster. Sounds like an intense but highly worthwhile movie - thanks for posting about this one.

Joseph Fromm said...

The Polish have always been known for their poster art. I am a Polish-American, my own family fought in WWII as partisan's against the NAZI's. My own great grandmother was shot in the head by Russian forces. My uncle was taken as a twelve year old boy to work in slave labor camps in Siberia. The women of our village were imprisoned and raped by Russian forces as they swept threw the country to the west. I have a good personal friend who worked at Auschwitz for twenty years in the 70's and 80's and told that the place is evil and not to visit it.
I would like to reiterate,Communists and NAZIs suck!