Saturday, August 14, 2010

Two Week Shooting Spree

Defendant Eric Benites, who was 15 at the time of his roughly two-week long shooting spree, asked Long Beach Superior Court Judge J.D. Lord to recommend he serve the start of his prison term in the state's juvenile system until he is 25. "All we're asking is to allow him to remain in (the juvenile system) as long as possible," said court-appointed defense attorney Nancy Sperber, who conveyed Benites' request to the judge. "He wants to get a college degree and possibly a law degree." 
Some Jesuit priests who volunteer at the juvenile hall where Benites has been housed came to court as a show of support. One priest addressed the court directly, saying Benites' letter written during liturgy two weeks ago showed he is repentant. 
Deputy District Attorney Patrick Frey scoffed at the claims, listing Benites' recent conviction on multiple felony counts as reason enough to commit Benites to adult prison immediately. "I think it's wonderful Mr. Benites has made this conversion," Frey told the court. "But his behavior during the trial, to me, doesn't indicate a change in behavior."
Link (here) to the full article at the Press Telegram

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