Sunday, August 1, 2010

Imbalance Of Social Power

Fr. Friedhelm Hengsbach, S.J.
The Walter Dirks Prize was set up by the 2008 deceased priest Franz Walter rivets established in 1995 and awarded to 2004 in the parish of St. Gallus in Frankfurt during a church service. Prize winners are among other Süßmuth Rita, Rupert Neudeck and Wolfgang Thierse. Presented to him, the artisan Büdinger the award in person. The awards she lives always at, the end of May last in the Frankfurt Cathedral.
This year's winner is Fr. Friedhelm Hengsbach, S.J., a leading social ethics in Germany. He held to award a sorry sheep bright plea for an economic order that serves the people.  
He stressed that the current "imbalance of social power" should be eliminated, Europe is not a financial engineering project, but need the solidarity between the strong and the weak. 
In the eulogy, the Jesuit, who led from 1992 to 2006 the Nell-Breuning-Institut for economic and social ethics at the Philosophy and Theology Sankt Georgen in Frankfurt, was a brilliant thinker, called convincing pastors and important voice in the country. Draw him from an unshakable sense of justice, let him hold him in the vision of decent work and economic order.
Link (here) to the original German language article at Gelnhauser Tageblatt


TonyD said...

I spent about an hour trying to read some of his writings -- then gave up. All that I could find online were in German (Google translate didn't really help. And I don't speak German.)

I would argue for equal distribution of income to everyone right now - only because we are currently incapable of anything reasonable. Sometimes, "fair" is the wrong metric. It would be good to just learn to share for a while.

Joseph Fromm said...

I gave up as well. I fist thought he was a typical Liberation Theology advocate, but that was not the case.
He seems to have a typical Social Democrat position. If any one has any input, feel free to add to the conversation.


Joe said...

I saw a lot of helpful data above!