Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fr. Vincent Blehl, S.J. On Cardinal Newman

At Oxford he met the worst enemy of Christianity, Gnosticism , who was then a large number of theological views of Protestantism in general and the theologically liberal Anglicanism in particular,
"It is probably this very deep love for an authentic Christianity, which many popes brought to admire Newman. Thus arose the wish Pope Benedict XVI. that Cardinal Newman is a model that is known throughout Christendom ." 
One of the best authorities Newman , the Jesuit Vincent Blehl said, 29 May 1982 Osservatore Romano the conviction that the English Cardinal one of the greatest personalities of the entire Christian world , not just a part of it.
Link (here) to the full German language article.


Marc said...

My introduction to Newman was actually in my Victorian Literature class that I took at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. His influence extends into the literature of the period as well. We also read Walter Pater, who was pretty close to gnostic I would say, and was at Oxford at the time.

Gnosticism is kind of like pornography for me. It excites but ultimately does not satisfy.

Marc said...

Sorry i just thought of something else how gnosticism is like pornography - it is destructive rather than creative.