Sunday, August 22, 2010

Jesuits To Work With The Order Of Malta In Haitian Project

Fairfield University President Jeffrey P. von Arx says the school won't abandon the Haitian victims of alumnus Douglas Perlitz and that it is actively working to reopen the Project Pierre Toussaint facilities in Cap-Haitien.

Perlitz, 40, once honored by the university for his humanitarian work with impoverished boys in Haiti, admitted in federal court this week to engaging in s@ with one boy. He did not dispute prosecutors' claims that evidence showed he had engaged in s@ with at least eight underage boys and as many as 13 while in Haiti.

In a letter to the Connecticut Post, von Arx said helping the poor and underprivileged is a cornerstone of the mission of the Jesuit-run university, and the tragedy of what happened to Perlitz's victims will leave a lasting impact on those boys. "We will not abandon our efforts to help Perlitz's victims," von Arx said.

Von Arx said the university has a long history of dedication to service. "The tragic circumstances surrounding the former Project Pierre Toussaint boys are no exception to this rule," he said. "Discussions we initiated with The Haiti Fund board and with the Order of Malta earlier this year remain active, and we are hopeful that a partnership among charitable organizations can be created so the facilities in Cap-Haitien can be reopened."
Link (here) to read the full article in the Stamford Advocate

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