Monday, August 2, 2010

Express Our Desire, Indeed Our Demand

Pope Paul VI
The current conflict has been building ever since the Second Vatican Council, when some Jesuits began busying themselves in social action and in questioning papal teachings. In 1973 a harried Pope Paul VIwrote Superior General Pedro Arrupe to "express our desire, indeed our demand," that the Jesuits remain loyal to the papacy. In 1979 Pope John Paul II directed Arrupe to wipe out secularism and other "regrettable shortcomings." Last year Arrupe, Superior General since 1965, cited age and health in asking John Paul's permission to resign. In August, felled by a stroke that left him partially paralyzed, Arrupe, 73, followed Jesuit legal procedure and selected a Vicar General (interim leader), American Father Vincent O'Keefe, 61, to run the order. O'Keefe is a former president of Fordham University. 
Link (here) to the full Time Magazine article dated Nov 9th, 1981.


TonyD said...

I consider the Jesuits to be more Catholic than the Pope.

Anonymous said...

TonyD: you're the Santa Clara ignoramus. What you consider the truth is probably at odds with the truth, and in this instance is indeed laughably incorrect. Those Jesuits brainwashed you pretty good at SCU.

TonyD said...


Saying that the Jesuits are more Catholic than the Pope is not high praise - for either the Pope or the Jesuits.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, why drag up this stale news, Frommage? Technically, after the last General Congregation, the Jesuits are now truer to the Church and the Papacy than they were forty years ago but incorrigibly the mindset established in the 1970s is prevalent. So much so that a significant number of Jesuits alive today are incapable of thinking with the Church.

This is partly Paul VI's fault. He entrusted the Jesuits with combating atheism. In those days this meant Marxism. Many studied Marxist analysis, saw Communism as a permanent political fixture, and tried to baptize the theory in order to combat it. In doing so they became persuaded by the arguments, despite giving them a Christian veneer.That generation is now in power and it will take a long time for their mindset to recede into history. It makes it almost impossible for them to accept current papal policies.

Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Cheese Lover,

I am glad you got into that "stale" news.



PS Welcome back