Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Women In Hijabs

Thursday’s rally began in Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn with about 30 people. But the crowd grew quickly as local groups like Vamos Unidos from the Bronx, and DRUM, a Southeast Asian group based in Jackson Heights, Queens, gathered their ranks and found additional support among grandmothers dressed in skirts and sneakers, church groups, women in hijabs, and a former Arizona border patrol agent. Many carried signs, including one that read, “Ningun ser humano es ilegal.” (No human is illegal.) Few found comfort in the preliminary injunction that was issued on behalf of the Obama administration, which challenged Arizona’s law.  
“Everyone understands that’s just a temporary measure,” said the Rev. Mark Hallinan of the Society of Jesus. As he tried to explain the need for a better system to regulate the flow of workers into the country, the crowd around him seemed to emphasize his point. 
They carried signs reading: “La lucha sigue! Sigue!” (The fight continues!)
Link (here) to the New York Times blog.
Photo of the Brooklyn War Memorial at Cadman Plaza

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