Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jesuit Historian On French Cardinal

Fr. Jacques Monet, S.J.
Cardinal Ouellet and Pope Benedict have been close friends for years are said to have a deep mutual respect for one another. Jacques Monet, Jesuit priest and Church historian in Toronto, believes Cardinal Ouellet's friendship will help, not hinder, his ability to retain his independence and influence."Pope Benedict wants to have someone whom he knows well and trusts, and because they are good friends there is a mutual respect. Cardinal Ouellet will have influence and he won't just be a 'yes man.' "I think for the internal workings of the Church this is the most important position there is. The recommendations he makes to Pope Benedict could set the tone of the Church for decades to come."
Link (here) to read the full National Post article.


Teresa said...

I believe the fact that Cardinal Ouellet and the Pope are close friends will be an asset and helpful, and will not be a hindrance to his retaining independence and influence. This is indeed a good thing, for them both.

muebles cantabria said...

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