Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Time Jesuit Malachi Martin On The "Signs Of The Times"

“The most pathetic among us are those who are especially skillful in analyzing material trends like the weather, the stock market, the latest political omens, and the most up-to-date vogue in fashions and sexual mores, but who cannot read what Christ emphasized as those telltale ‘signs of the times.’
Link (here) to a great article on Malachi Martin the author of The Jesuits, in the South Coast Report


Anonymous said...

Malachi Martin could only have survived in a country as gullible as the United States. His reputation in Ireland is non-existent and he remains a permanent embarrassment to his family, which he often abused.

Anonymous said...

Even though he was never released from his chastity vow by the pope he was living more uxorio with a woman when he died. He had many sexual adulterine realationships while he still was jesuit and for you is he a trustworthy man ? LOL