Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fr. Herbert Thurston, S.J. On The Crucifix Of Limpias

The manifestations ( Regina Sanctorum Omnium ) at Rome in 1796, at ( Mother of Mercy ) Rimini in 1850, and at Campocavallo, near Loreto, in 1892-1893, are particularly famous. But the manifestations which have been described, often at length, by the witnesses of these occurrences are certainly trivial when placed in comparison with the accounts which pilgrims to the Spanish shrine have left of their subjective impressions when gazing at the Santo Cristo of Limpias. Take, for example, the testimony of a well-known priest of Saragossa, Don Manuel Cubi, on December 24, 1919. He was, he says, saying Mass at the high altar :— 
As I raised my eyes to the Santo Cristo after the Confiteor I was surprised by the most touching spectacle that I have ever seen. I saw Jesus in the pangs of death, saw Him move, open and close His mouth ; He drew a deep breath, so that His breast was lifted from the cross ; His hps quivered and His face became distorted. I could swear that He was covered in sweat and that the upper part of His body was stretching upwards. I could follow no more. When I had gone up the steps, I held fast to the altar ; I know that I did not look in the Missal at first. At length I began the votive Mass of the Holy Cross ; but it was only thanks to the assistance of the other priest that I could go on reading. . . . When I arose from the genuflection at the words, " Omne genu flectatur" the Figure had changed. From now on I watched with the closest attention and interior emotion. Now the sacred countenance was transfigured into startling beauty, almost joyful in expression, and this impression remained with me during the whole Mass.
Link (here) to the referenced portion of the book entitled Studies, the article by Fr. Herbert Thurston, S.J. is entitled, The Crucifix of Limpias.

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