Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jesuit On Same-S@x Marriage

Several years ago I engaged in a friendly debate with a good friend, a Jesuit priest, about the persuasiveness of various arguments against same-sex marriage. 
Our email exchange found its way to other readers, who suggested that it should be made available to the general public. 
So it was that the exchange, reproduced here, was published in the July 2003 issue of Catholic World Report. The essential arguments have not changed. 
Link (here) to the full article by Phil Lawler at Catholic Culture and read the persuasive arguments by Fr. Paul, a Jesuit. 


TonyD said...

This exchange completely misses all the important considerations for me as a Catholic.

I'm against same-sex marriage because God prefers that I be against same-sex marriage.

And I am for same-sex marriage to the extent that it reflects the values of my society. (Yeah, "love your neighbor" again.)

I see Prop 8 as muddling the discussion - since it reflects Marketing message and persuasion, as opposed to genuinely held values by society. It is an attempt to undermine the genuine disagreement on this issue.

So I ask myself: "How can I support the values of society while staying true to God's values?" While there is no one answer to such a question, I know that simplistic analysis is not appropriate. said...

It cannot really have success, I suppose so.