Thursday, August 12, 2010

German Jesuit On The Rosary And An Angel

In Rome, Fr. Heinrich Wilhelm Pfeiffer, S.J. learned to know, finally, a couple, and one might think that the Holy Spirit had a fun allowed by this encounter, the man named Joseph was and carpenter, his wife's name was Helga, but with the middle name Maria. The contact to the Munich pair held long, Heinrich Pfeiffer got to know some other form of piety - and appreciate.  
"This woman has managed to sharpen my piety, and to cultivate a very different way. Over coffee she took out her rosary and prayed, her lips were painted bright red. "
Henceforth Pfeiffer also prayed the rosary every day, as an initiation had it been for him. Finally, he saw Michael's Church in Munich's something strange: 
The local sculpture of an angel appeared to him in a different way, like fire. "What happened there is very hard to describe. The fire burns in me now, "says Pfeiffer.  
Pfeiffer finished with two love affairs and his worldly life and was from Jesuit. With 30 years of age. With 31 years Pfeiffer has been a professor at the Gregorian University in Rome, where he still holds seminars.
Link (here) to the original German news piece, this was translated with Google translator.
Picture of the angel is not the one Father mentions in his interview. 

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