Tuesday, August 24, 2010

They Met In A Bookstore

John and Cristina McLaughlin
It has been a rough season for the May-December marriages of broadcast titans. Larry King's eighth marriage, to much-younger Shawn Southwick King, hit the skids last week. Now we've learned that John McLaughlin has quietly divorced his much-younger wife of 13 years, Cristina. "He's very sad about it, but it's something he needed to do," his attorney Gregory Nugent told us. The TV punditry pioneer, 83, referred inquiries to his lawyer; we couldn't reach his ex, 49, for comment. They met in a bookstore in 1990, the story went, and the former Jesuit priest later hired the young Dominican-born Cristina Vidal to work at the "McLaughlin Group" production company. About five years after his contentious divorce from former labor secretary Ann Dore, they wed in June 1997 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown. She was nearly half his age.
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