Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jesuit Explains Teilhard To Methodists

The recent United Methodist-Catholic dialogue session covered a range of topics that will help the participants draft a final statement on the covenantal relationship that exists between Christian worshipers and the natural environment. Members also are exploring ways to develop an instrument on faith and ecology for adult education to be used in local congregations.

Catholic presenters included Dr. Angela Christman, of Loyola University, Baltimore, who examined texts of the ancient Greek and Latin Fathers that make the connection between Eucharist and creation; and Father Drew Christiansen, S.J., Editor of America Magazine, who assessed the mystical theology of Jesuit scientist Teilhard de Chardin, with special emphasis on his Mass on the World.

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Anonymous said...

Kind of interesting, the way heresy works, or borderline heresy, to the advantage of ecumenicalism. So I wonder, is it to God's greater purpose to float ideas about a Cosmic Christ through one of his priests? I don't know.

Johannes said...

The Incarnation was certainly a free act of God, but no less certainly:

- He created the universe with the Incarnation and Passion of Jesus Christ in mind.

- He created the universe "in Him, through Him and for Him". (Col 1:16)

And He seems to have left a visible mark in the cosmos showing that it was created in Christ and for Christ, as per the latest measured value of a fundamental physical constant:

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