Thursday, January 14, 2010

Servant Of God Fr. Sertorio Caputo, S.J.

The great servant of God F. Sertorio Caputo, of the Society of Jesus, said that the devil
first induces one to love a person’s virtue, then the person, and then blinds one and brings one to ruin.
We must also flee from evil companions: we are too weak; the devil is continually tempting us, and the senses are drawing us to evil;
the slightest suggestion of a bad companion is only wanting to make us fall.
Therefore the first thing that we have to do to save ourselves is to avoid evil occasions and bad companions. And we must in this matter do violence to ourselves, resolutely overcoming all human respect. Those who do not use violence to themselves will not be saved.
It is true, that we must not put confidence in our own strength, but only in the divine assistance;
but God wills that we should do our part in doing violence to ourselves, when it is necessary to do so, in order to gain Paradise: The violent bear it away.

Link (here) to a really neat blog entitled, The Alphonsianum from St. Alphonsus Liguori, his book is called A Christians Rule Of Life.

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