Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fouled Out

Two years after receiving a public rebuke from Archbishop Raymond Burke, the basketball coach at a Jesuit university has reiterated his support for legalized abortion and the destruction of human embryos. “It's a great world out there and you should participate in it," said Rick Majerus of St. Louis University. “That's what the essence of Jesuit education is.”

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"The bishop was going to excommunicate me'' two years ago, Majerus said on the show and reaffirmed his positions. "I believe in that,''
Majerus said Monday of the stem-cell issue. "What you need is hope. All religion — I don't care what religion you are — is based on the premise of hope and contrition.'' He said his view on abortion is unchanged, that it should be an individual choice.
"Nobody is for abortion'' he said. "But I'm for a women's choice, I am pro choice.''

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Maria said...

"Hell is paved with priests' skulls".

--Saint John Chrysostom

Maria said...

The Strategy of the Devil in Demonic Temptations
--John Hardon SJ

"St. Ignatius has a key meditation in the Spiritual Exercises on what he calls the Two Standards. The Two Standards correspond to the two leaders in the world who are drawing people to follow them. One leader is Jesus Christ, who inspires believing Christians to dedicate themselves to the extension of His kingdom throughout the world. The other leader is Satan, who is trying to seduce people to follow him for the extension of his demonic kingdom, which, in the words of St Augustine, is the City of Man, which is in constant conflict with the kingdom of Christ. The devil knows that you get nowhere alone, you inspire others to follow you. Then you train your followers and disciples and they will carry on your work. The devil trains his followers to seduce not just people or cities, but whole nations".

Anonymous said...

Yuk! What a revolting slob.