Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blind Eye

Fr. Klaus Mertes, S.J. admitted to the fact that Canisius Kollege that there "always been rumors" about abuse. About five years ago he had two victims reported it and also to "absolute discretion" asked. In addition, they would have wanted no contact with the perpetrators.
Whom he had met. "I torture myself with the question of whether I would have responded sooner," added the cleric added literally.
After a meeting would have been born in December and January, five more victims turned to him. This had given him the strength to go after consultation with his superiors in the Order to the public.
In the past week Mertes wrote letters to some 500 students of the "potentially affected" Matura vintages 1975 to 1983. In it, he apologized for a "blind eye" in the teaching staff and order and called on stakeholders to reveal himself.
Mertes said he did not understand his step "as a headlong rush." The interests of victims should have priority over the image of the school.

Link (here) translated with Google translator at Kathweb.

Photo is of Canisius Kollege in Berlin, Germany.

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Maria Byrd said...

"Father Gerald was fond of quoting the words of the devil from the lips of a possessed person to the Cure of Ars who had taken 80,000 souls from him. Then the devil is supposed to have added, "If there were three more priests like you in the world, my kingdom would be destroyed."