Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dominican Jesuit, "Haitians Are Better Off In Haiti"

The charity organization Dominican Border Solidarity, characterized for the defense of human rights of Haitians immigrants in the Dominican Republic, opposes the International Organization for Migrations’ (OIM) alleged attempt to build in this country a refugee camp to house 100,000 victims of Haiti’s quake.

The Jesuit priest Regino Martinez, Solidarity coordinator, said there are enough places in Haiti to shelter people in the camp which the IMO proposes.

He said the Dominican Government has supported the Haitian people with solidarity after the catastrophe and the help for Haitians to respond to their calamity, but in their own country, is the effort which should prevail for now.

The prelate said beyond thinking of refugees, what’s needed is to help them work based on looking for an alternative different from what Haiti was before the quake, "because if before there was a Failed State, there’s now a buried State."

He added that medicine and food would be sent to the northern Haiti towns Gonaives, Cape Haitian and Wanament and for the injured and refugees who arrive from the various areas.

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