Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A General And A Jesuit

Dominican Republic’s border guard (CESFRONT) commander today said he’s surprised by the Jesuit priest Regino Martinez’s allegation that a colonel must pay RD$ 350,000 to get assigned to the frontier town Dajabón (northwest).

Brigadier general Francisco Jose Gil Ramirez asked from where the Jesuit priest “gets that information which is daring” and demanded that the priest reveal which colonel has been coerced to pay and who received the alleged money.

He said accusations without proof tarnish reputations and jeopardizes the work he described as serious. “I as CESFRONT commander can guarantee categorically that the situation that denounced Regino father not gives in this institution”.

Gil, who affirms he’s Martinez’s friend, regrets the prelate’s comments before verifying their veracity, “I’ve always respected father Regino and we have a good relation, but I couldn’t remain silent because what he said is not the truth.”

Link (here) to the full story.

Photo is of Fr. Reginio Martinez Bretan, S.J.

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