Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game Changer In Massachusetts Is A Boston College Law School Graduate

Scott Philip Brown (b. September 12, 1959)[1] is a Republican Massachusetts State Senator representing the Norfolk, Bristol & Middlesex District since 2004.[2] He is the Republican candidate to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy in the upcoming 2010 U.S. Senate special election. While initially trailing Martha Coakley (the current Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) in polling by large numbers, the Republican closed the gap in January 2010, running even or ahead of Coakley in recent independent and internal polling.[3][4][5][6]
Brown is a graduate of Wakefield High School (1977), Tufts University (1981), and Boston College Law School (1985).

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Scott Brown is currently leading Martha Coakley 50% to 46%
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Brown on abortion

Brown supports Roe v. Wade, calling it "the law of the land", and the right to legalized abortion. He endorses restricting or banning intact dilation and extraction, known by its opponents as partial-birth abortion, and creating parental consent laws for minors who seek an abortion. He opposes the idea of a litmus test on abortion-related issues in Supreme Court confirmations.[1] He also opposes federal funding for elective abortions in accordance with the Hyde Amendment.[3] The Boston Globe has described his positions on abortion as "nuanced".[1]

Brown on religion

Brown and his family are Protestant Christians. They worship at New England Chapel in Franklin, which is a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. They also have a relationship with an order of Cistercian Catholic nuns at Mt. St. Mary’s Abbey in Wrentham. The Brown family has raised over five million dollars for them, leading to the construction of solar panels, a wind turbine, and a candy manufacturing plant operated by the order. Sister Katie McNamara has said, "[w]e pray for them every day".[1].

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scott Brown is a liberal republican pro-choice.