Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fr. Enemond Masse, S.J.: Jesuit Missionary Spoke Of A Saviour For The Indians

It was here that Father Enemond Masse, S.J. spoke of a Saviour for the Indians—
The flag he raised we may all rally around, and if we adhere to it, I believe, we shall all meet again.
On it was inscribed these words: Ad majorcm Dei Gloriam. "For the greater glory of God"His fellow missionaries who worked with him, record that they were determined mined to await or dare any thing to suffer or die. He died on the 12th May 1646 and was buried in the little church of St. Joseph Sillery—On the ruins of this church we now erect a monument,

Link (here) to the book entitled, Monument erected to the Memory of Fr. Enemond Masse, S.J.

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