Wednesday, January 27, 2010

800 Belen Jesuit Students Sing The Salve Regina In Latin

The young choir was fantastic and the rest of the student body sang like never before. This in particular was most impressive because after years of being at Belen, the one thing that you can never get our kids to do is sing at mass.
Yet there they were, signing like nightingales, razing the Roca roof with their song. And the best part, the most impressive, the hair-raising moment of the whole experience, was when they all sang the Salve Regina.
Do you know what that is? Almost 800 Belen students singing a song to Mary in Latin! I was in a prayerful daze, elevated to the heavens, feeling as if I were being cuddled by the Virgin herself.....

Link (here) to the weblog of Fr. Guillermo "Willie" M. Garcia-Tunon, S.J.
Hat Tip to Fr. Z (here)
Our Lady of Belen (here) patroness of Jeronymites

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