Friday, January 29, 2010

Chevron And Jesuit Investor Relations

Human Rights - Develop & Adopt Policies 2010 – Chevron Corp.

WHEREAS: Corporations face serious risks to reputation and shareholder value when they are seen as responsible for, or complicit in, human rights violations while operating in countries with weak rule of law, endemic corruption, civil conflict, poor labor and environmental standards. This is particularly true for the extractive sector which has the greatest number and most grievous human rights abuses (John Ruggie, UN Special Representative, Business and Human Rights /business/RuggieReport2006.html). Chevron operates in over 180 countries, many with critically high rates of human rights allegations including Burma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Angola and Bangladesh ( Promising future energy reserves are increasingly found in weak governance zones, which often requires joint ventures with state-controlled national oil companies representing governments with marginal concern for or capacity to protect human rights.

Link (here) to the full resolution and list of signers

Photo of Chevron Richmond Oil Refinery

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