Thursday, January 7, 2010

Uncle John Is The Rev. John Beatty Woodward, S.J. A Fisher Of Men

I first heard Uncle John's story of the last time the two fly fished together in post-war Germany. As they sat on the side of a river at the end of the day, Uncle John announced his priestly vocation. Grandpa showed a remarkable understanding of his son when he asked if he had chosen the Jesuit order.

By the time my brothers and I were old enough to go fishing with them, Grandpa and Uncle John primarily used bait when we worked the Potomac River or probed the Atlantic surf in Maryland and Delaware. I don't remember any of us catching a lot of fish on those trips, a family tradition that has cursed me as an honest fishing writer.

Fishing in Colorado with Angus Boezeman and then in Montana with Tim Linehan and his colleagues gave me memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Uncle John took a vow of poverty when he entered the priesthood, which means he does not "own" anything but his faith.

Link (here) to the full article written by Father John's nephew

Photo is of Fr. John Woodward, S.J.

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