Thursday, April 28, 2011

Polish Jesuit Fr Stanislaw Skudrzyk And The Divine Mercy

The Divine Mercy apostolate has been flourishing, not only in Poland, but throughout Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, including Australia where it was brought by migrants from Poland in 1950 and was actively promoted by the Polish Jesuit Chaplain Fr Stanislaw Skudrzyk. He arranged the transport of the first picture of Jesus Divine Mercy to Melbourne which was solemnly blessed by Archbishop Mannix on the Sunday of Divine Mercy, 20 April 1952, and given a place of honour in St Ignatius Church in Richmond, until 1959.

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ing said...

Hi. I was looking up Fr Stanislaw Gaidelis and came across Fr Skudrzyk in the National Australian Archives. You can read all the 1949 - 1950 telegrams, letters, petitions between the IRO missions and Australian Immigration Authority. They are discussing a proposal to send Priests to Australia with the Displaced Persons Scheme ships after WW11. Fr Gaidelis and Fr Skudrzyk get a lot of discussion. They arrived safely in Australia in 1950.
It is nice to see this blog about Fr Skubrzyk.
The Australian Immigration nearly didn't agree to priests accompanying the DP's for very strange reasons.
I don't know Fr Skubrzyk, but I knew Fr Stanislaw Gaidelis in Australia. A very gentle loving kind man who used to have long discussions with my father. He was really tall and gave a lot of kind attention to us as children.
To see copies of the original telegrams etc from a file which was stamped 'SECRET', go to: then search records for SERIES NO A9306. Control Symbol 351/30. Bar Code No 997564.
I could not find these documents using their names as a search.