Monday, April 18, 2011

Drag Show At Georgetown University

Pr@de Week incorporated the national Day of Silence today, organized by the G@y, L@sbian and Straight Education Network. The day intends to bring awareness and a voice to the victims of sexuality-based harassment. 
Events conclude with Saturday's Genderfunk Drag Ball at 10 p.m. in McShain Lounge and the presentation of the case Gay Rights Coalition v. Georgetown University, 1987 by Professor Walter Walsh of the University of Washington on Monday. 
Walsh will analyze the lawsuit, which required the university to recognize its LG/BTQ student groups, at 1:20 p.m. in McDonough Hall at the Law Center. According to Frank, the culture surrounding LGBT/Q students at Georgetown has improved with time, particularly after the implementation of hard-won changes in policy from the university.  "Things are definitely a lot better," Frank said. "It's not that individual students are more tolerant. It's that now, people don't tolerate the intolerant people."
Link (here) to the Hoya.


Maria said...

This article was posted at America Magazine:

National Day of Silence
Posted at: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 10:02:50 AM
Author: William Van Ornum

The reader is led to believe that this is all in the service of charity, not the promotion of propoganda fueled by the ACLU GLBT and their homosexual agenda. Don't try to convince them otherwise. You will be taken to the woodshed.

St. Ignatius, hear our prayers.

Maria said...

"With the LGBTQ Resource Center, that sends a really clear message to new students that it's OK to be out right away, and that Georgetown is a place where you can feel at home," Frank said.

I am so glad that my dear deceased Father, who attended Georgetown undergrad and law school, is not alive to see this.