Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Georgetown Adjunct Professor Dr. Joseph Palacios And False Rights

Dr. Joseph Palacios, adjunct Professor of Liberal and Latin American Studies at Georgetown University (a Jesuit-conducted institution in Washington, DC), attacked the Vatican under the above title in his April 19, 2011 press release. What is the reason? In March, the Vatican opposed the newly declared g@y “rights” at the United Nations. 
Palacios is the director of Catholics for Equality Education, another group of dissenters trying to destroy the Church from within.  Palacios especially mocks the idea of Archbishop Silvano Tomasi that the real victims are now those who dare to oppose those false “rights” (“they are stigmatized…vilified, and prosecuted” stated Tomasi at the UN Human Rights Council. See “Holy See statement on S@xual Orientation. Human s@xuality is not an identity,” C.I., May 2011, p. 28. Website: http://catholicinsight.com/online/church/vatican/article_1128.shtml, April 14). Palacios is an example of a person who has pushed his earlier religious understanding of creation out of sight and now embraces the immorality of the activist h@mosexual lifestyle as the new preferred ideology of equality. 
In his press release, he rejects natural law morality; the (traditional) consensus that anti-social behaviours must be forbidden by law (p@dophilia and inc@st being two examples); the Church’s refusal to accept sexual orientation and gender identity as human rights categories; her refusal to accept any model other than the male-female one as pro-creators in the natural order of biology; and her subsequent non-recognition of LGBT…persons. In other words, Palacios stamps with both feet on the traditional natural law anthropology (which has existed since Jesus Christ) and its recognition of the divinely ordered human family of father, mother and children.
Link (here) to read the lengthy article at Catholic Insight by Alphonse de Valk


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Georgetown had a symphony orchestra. Being Jesuit-conducted and all.

Seriously, the president of GU is not a Jesuit, and the university doesn't even belong to them.

Anonymous said...

how sad that the church uses its position in society to advance bigotry. father palacios is walking in jesus' tradition; the hierarchy who sees his work as an affront is not.