Saturday, April 16, 2011

University Of Detroit Mercy Hosts Marquette Abortion Activist Theologian

Former priest Daniel Maguire
University of Detroit Mercy, a Catholic college, is coming under criticism for hosting pro-abortion censured theologian Daniel Maguire, who delivered a lecture at the Jesuit University on April 7.
The title of his lecture was “The Gender Justice Revolution: How Feminism Builds Bridges Between Genders, Races, Sexual Orientations, Classes and Nations,” and it’s not a surprising one given his position in favor of abortion. 
 The Cardinal Newman Society, a pro-life group that serves as a watchdog over Catholic colleges, said that, in March 2007, the U.S. bishops’ doctrine committee declared that the pro-abortion teachings of Daniel Maguire, who is a professor at Jesuit Marquette University, “cross the legitimate lines of theological reflection” and represent outright “false teaching.”
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TonyD said...

OK. So this is what I hear. God should accept that Catholics have chosen to interpret His will as unconditionally putting life above any other value – above love your neighbor, above lessons on humility, above lessons on empathy, above lessons on life itself, above any form of mercy. And this is the value we have chosen in spite of many Biblical stories where life is subservient to other values.

God reflects our values back as He constructs lessons. He can put life above any other value. He can ask any amount of pain from you, with no mercy of death. He can demand degradation upon degradation unending, with no mercy of death. He can impose suffering on you and everyone you know, again with no mercy of death. God can even ignore death itself, keeping you alive long past the measure of your life — potentially never ending – and well past any measure of happiness. All these things are legitimized – no, demanded – in choosing life unconditionally.

Free will allows the formation of cruel values – values that demand God’s “help” and “lessons” and “service” in response. We choose our values. The Church does not. We force a good God to help in ways that some might describe as evil.