Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Excerpt From PBS Television News Show Frontline Entitled "The Silence" Documenting A Small Portion Of The Jesuit Alaskan Fiasco

One man, Ben Andrews, recounts that when he told his father what the priest had done, his father grabbed his belt, "… and he hung me upside down. He beat me and told me never to talk about priests like that. My dad went out. He came back pretty drunk and I saw him holding a pistol in his hand. He looked at my mom, and pointed the gun at her. The gun went off and my brother was in the front. The bullet pierced both of them. I held him in my arm. My brother didn't have to die just because I told my dad the truth."
Link (here) to read the full piece at the ultra-liberal NCR


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Amazing!! Frontline, PBS, the New York Times love these stories about Jesuits. And yet, most Jesuits swoon when talking about these entities. Ask a Jesuit, any Jesuit, if public funding for PBS should continue and he becomes really exorcised. Why of course, he will say. It is so funny watching some of my brethren squirm when they are hoisted on their own petards.