Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zamboangueno Jesuit On Holy Week

Fr. Buddy Wee, a Zamboangueno Jesuit priest who teaches Religious Studies at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University said in understanding the true meaning of Lent, one must be willing to change for the better. He also emphasized traditional Church customs of asking penitents to fast and abstain finds essence in the willingness to sacrifice for a better good. It also re-introduces one to a selfless devotion . While Fr. Wee said lent highlights self sacrifice through fasting and abstinence, alms giving and care for others, these traditions must be carried out not only during the Lenten season but through everyday of our lives. The Christian world enters Holy Week this week, the highpoint of the observance of the Lenten season, as devotees are expected to congregate in churches, for prayers, hear mass, seek penance and renewal with the Divine Almighty. Fr. Wee called for prayers and the faithful to read the Holy Book and reflect on the words of God to find true meaning this Holy Week.
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