Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saint Louis University Jesuits Developers Of New Luxury Hotel

Local design and development firm, the Lawrence Group, led by President and CEO Steve Smith, worked on the project and is part owner of the property with SLU. SLU awarded Chairman and CEO Michael Mullenix's St. Louis-based Equis Hospitality Management a five-year contract to run the hotel. Hotel Ignacio is located inside a 1910 building at 3411 Olive St. that had sat vacant for years. Renovations to transform the structure into a hotel began last May. Hotel Ignacio's guest rooms reflect four distinct themes — architecture, fine art, performing arts and music — that showcase the hotel's location in the heart of St. Louis' arts district.
Café Pintxos,
Read more: A look inside the new Hotel Ignacio at SLU | St. Louis Business Journal


K said...

I wonder if Jesus would like to hang out there?
Or would he perhaps prefer a more mundane and simple place?

Maria said...

So much easier than looking after souls. Pederasty is expensive...

TonyD said...

Imagine that the Jesuits create a hotel run by a board. They would also have a volunteer board from the community that would make recommendations, and the Jesuits would view their job as defining an implementation for the wishes of that board (with consideration for Jesuit values too). If the community board did not approve the business plan, they would have the ability to stop the business from being implemented.

In addition, both the public board and the Jesuit board would receive training on “Evaluating Practice” so that each could define appropriate measures for the values and practices of the ongoing business. This would allow ongoing monitoring, so that the public board could suggest changes or even stop the business if appropriate.

This would create a business that responds to the genuine values of the community, and, potentially, provide a role-model for corporate and government structure in the future.

I should add that this is like helping the poor. This will never fully succeed, for a wide variety of reasons. But it is still appropriate to try to change our society to one that considers the values of our neighbors and community.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same "Maria" who said she "loves the Jesuits" and "prays for them every day"? What's the deal? Is she psycho, or a liar, or just a hypocrite? A little bit of all three?

Anonymous said...

Marie clearly you never visited the Vatican, did you?

Maria said...

If all of the people on my prayer list, inclusive of myself, the Society and all others, were to meet the demands of our dear Savior, it would be a very short list indeed.

Joseph Fromm said...

To all commentators,

Personal attacks are not thoughtful nor respectful, please debate the subject material not each other.

"What's the deal? Is she psycho, or a liar, or just a hypocrite? A little bit of all three?"

I want as many different points of view represented, it makes for more enjoyable and interesting reading.



Anonymous said...

This is real simple to analyze.

1. This hotel improves the SLU neighborhood.

2. Some of the paying guests are probably people who have business with SLU as SLU is nearby. SLU captures some money that would otherwise go to someone else.

3. While a non-profit, SLU has to make money to stay in business. Unlike the Univ. of Missouri, it doesn't get tax money.

4. It's not like it is a strip joint.

5. The art in the hotel is not good.

The Happy Mother said...

Having been to the hotel a few times already, I agree with the previous poster's first four points. About the fifth: have you seen the art? I thought it was quite good.
Regarding helping the poor- How many people were employed in the design and construction of the hotel? How many more are employed to keep the hotel running? How is job creation not helping society? As the wife of one of the many men who worked on this project, I can say that he and I and our 5 children were very grateful for the work.
The Lawrence Group was the developer, by the way, not SLU.

The Happy Mother said...

And that photo is NOT of Hotel Ignacio.

Anonymous said...

But missing is the most important question of all:

Can the St. Louis Jesuits make good music for their hotel's elevators?