Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Lawsuit, Just 20 Million Dollars This Time

Doug Perlitz
A federal lawsuit seeking $20 million in damages was filed Monday against Fairfield University, the Society of Jesus and a Colorado man sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for sexually abusing children at a school he founded in Haiti. The lawsuit was filed by one of Douglas Perlitz's accusers. It maintains that Fairfield University, the Jesuit order and other defendants were negligent in hiring and supervising Perlitz in the work he did in Haiti. And it accuses other defendants, some of them not named, of aiding Perlitz's efforts to cover up the abuse. Alice Poltorick, a spokeswoman for the Society of Jesus, New England, called Perlitz' actions "deeply disturbing" and said the order would "work to address this claim diligently and with great sensitivity towards any individual who was harmed by Mr. Perlitz." Officials at Fairfield University, which put its employees on the fundraising arm of the Haitian school, declined to comment, saying they hadn't yet seen the lawsuit. A message left for an attorney for Perlitz wasn't immediately returned.
Link (here) to the full AP report.
Link (here) to read all the back stories of Doug Perlitz and Fr. Carrier, S.J.


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Defense Claims Fairfield Priest Abused Perlitz
December 13, 2010
By: Annie Rooney

In the 32-page document The Defendants’ Memorandum in Aid of Sentencing, filed to the District Court of Connecticut, the defense describes “a priest” having a significant role in Perlitz’s emotionally unstable status in the “Personal Background” section.

The document does not name the priest; it only identifies “the priest” who began a long-lasting relationship with Perlitz soon after his first days as an undergraduate at Fairfield University. The document also specifies that this priest played a key role in all of Perlitz’s work in Haiti.

Perlitz’s attorney states that the relationship with the priest “ultimately took on a dark aspect, both physically and spiritually, that had a significant and long-lasting impact on him.”

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