Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planned Parenthood Supported By These Jesuit Univesities

A new report, “A Scandalous Relationship: Catholic Colleges and Planned Parenthood”, by the Manassas, Va.-based Cardinal Newman Society, reveals more than 150 current and past connections between Catholic colleges and universities and Planned Parenthood. The Cardinal Newman Society broke the connections down into seven different categories: Counseling and Medical Referrals; Internships and Fellowships; Job Referrals; Faculty, Staff, Leaders; Campus Clubs and Events, Academic Activities and Referrals; and Student and Alumni Recognition. The report includes many well known Catholic colleges and universities, including these Jesuit Universities:  Loyola University New Orleans, University of San Francisco, John Carroll University, University of Scranton, Santa Clara University,  University of Detroit Mercy, Fordham, Georgetown, Xavier University, Marquette University Law School, Boston College, Seattle University, St. Louis University, Loyola University of Chicago and Holy Cross.

The following is just a sampling. 

Marquette University Law School (WI) includes a “Milwaukee Survival Guide” on its website, recommending the services of Planned Parenthood and the National Organization for Women. 
Gonzaga University (WA) highlights the credentials of a member of the Board of Regents, including her service on the Board of Planned Parenthood.
The University of San Francisco’s Career Services offices list Planned Parenthood among resources for future careers.
Link (here) to the National Catholic Register the article was written by Tim Drake
For the complete report and all of the examples, visit the Cardinal Newman Society.


TonyD said...

I’ve sometimes wondered why the Church doesn’t object to that poster. Anyone who has read the Bible will quickly recognize the “protect the most vulnerable” is not something that is always done by God or Christ. It is absurd to think that protecting the most vulnerable will always be the most important value in any situation.

The Church should have a simple message – but not the wrong message. It is not necessary to be unconditionally pro-life to be pro-life.

Andrew said...

Tony, that makes no sense. We are called to be pro life in all situations and conditions (unconditionally)

Anonymous said...

The right to life is the most inherent right that God gave man. It is absurd from a theoligical, philosophical or from narural law to see it otherwise. It sounds like Tony has his toes a little to deep in the material world and is thinking like a cereature and not like God!

Anonymous said...

No to the death penalty.