Monday, April 4, 2011

There Are Two Sowers

Saint Peter’s College, only Roman Catholic Jesuit college of New Jersey (USA), is providing a “Hindu prayer space” on its campus. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a release today, has commended Saint Peter’s College (SPC) and termed this gesture as a “step in the right direction”. Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, has urged all universities, colleges and other educational institutions of USA and Canada to provide “Hindu prayer space” for its students. 
Rajan Zed pointed out that there was urgent need of allocation of permanent Hindu prayer space complete with a small library of Hinduism books at campuses because of unique requirements of Hindu rituals and prayer traditions; including deities, burning incense and jyots, taking off shoes, sitting on floor while praying, etc. 
These should be available to students 24-hours a day and seven days a week to meet their spiritual needs.
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Maria said...

"Heresy, from the Greek αίρέσίς, hairesis, denoting "choice" or "thing chosen," in general, refers to a doctrinal belief held in opposition to the recognized standards of an established system of thought. Theologically it means an opinion at variance with the authorized teachings of any church, especially when this promotes separation from the main body of faithful believers".

I am sure that Francis Clooney SJ at America Magazine wil be relieved to hear this. Who needs Adoration when there is an urgent need at a professedly Catholic University for 'hindu prayer services'?

If they no longer care about getting us to Heaven, could they, please, just stop trying to send us all to Hell.

Stewart said...

Hinduism is more dangerous to the Christian identity of a Jesuit university than the V-Monologues.

Maria said...

"They are pirates placing lights on cliffs to lure and destroy vessels in search of refuge".

--Origen on the subject of heretics.

TonyD said...

Heresy is a Catholic concept, and it is very real, with real consequences. God can decide when he will apply such consequence, and we have no reason to assume that any Hindu is or isn't held to this same standard. (Or, for that matter, any particular Catholic.)

Let me try to explain this. There are many ways to be imperfect. And there are many values to be “out of alignment” with God. In practice, this means that two people can do the exact same thing, and one is punished harshly, while another is acting in alignment with God’s values. Both may have good intentions, and both may be using their best judgment. But the specific need for lessons is paramount, and often requires consequences.

The prayer space is neither good nor bad. Each of us, in our reaction to it, defines ourself before God. Too many of us allow ourselves to become people distant from God.

maabadi said...

"They are pirates placing lights on cliffs to lure and destroy vessels in search of refuge".

--Origen on the subject of heretics.