Tuesday, March 15, 2011

42,000 Photos Taken By One Irish Jesuit

Fr. Francis Browne, S.J.
An exciting new book featuring never seen before photographs taken by one of Ireland's greatest photographers, who was also a Jesuit priest, was published this week.
The book, entitled Fr Browne Yeats features nearly 42,000 prints by Fr Francis Browne, S.J., a native of Sunday's Well in Cork City, from when he was just a seventeen-year-old photographer in 1897 to shortly before his death in 1960. 
Coupled with the poetry of WB Yeats, the book features the Fr Browne’s pictures of people, panoramic scenes, ships, trains and landscapes - all shot on his primitive Kodak Box Camera.
Link (here) to the full story at Clerical Whispers 
Buy the book (here) at The Sacred Heart Messenger Publications

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