Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jesuit Publishes Holy Father's International Best Seller

Pope Benedict's new book on Jesus has entered the The New York Times bestseller list, at 10th place in the non-fiction category, said the Ignatius Insight Scoop website. Since its worldwide release on March 10, 1.2 million copies of the book have been published in eight languages - including German, Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Polish. Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, founder and editor of the publishing house, says that 300,000 copies were published in Italy, 200,000 in Germany, and 120,000 in France. The book has been published in English by Ignatius Press, The Catholic Truth Society (United Kingdom/Ireland), Paulines Publication (Africa), Freedom Publishing (Australia), and Asia Trading Corporation (Asia). "It's clear that what interests the Holy Father is helping people to know and love someone whom he knows and loves," says Father Fessio. "But he does this as a scholar. This book is a bright star in the constellation of books about Jesus."
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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Fr. Fessio should publish his deposition in the Donald McGuire case, along with his letters covering up for him, which he can't remember writing... Now that would be worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this site never mentions Fessio's complicity, isn't it?