Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Jesuit Who Destroyed The Oregon Province: Fr. Michael Toulouse, S.J.

Fr. Micheal Toulouse, S.J.
So no matter what happens in Oregon, it won’t hold a candle to 1764. By a sublime irony, though, there is one more connection between the time when Toulouse brought down the entire order, and the current siege. Most of the $62 million in Jesuit liabilities arose from s@x abuse verdicts and settlements, the chief villain of which was a Jesuit priest who began r@ping boys in 1950 and continued doing so until 1970, despite attention being drawn to his activities by a pistol-wielding parent. Instead of having him arrested, the Jesuits simply moved him from spot to spot; he wound up at Jesuit-run Seattle University, where after his death a lectureship in philosophy was established in his name. The name? Father Michael Toulouse, S.J.
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Anonymous said...

I think anyone who has read this site more than once realizes that your aim is to publish anything you can find that criticizes the Jesuits, no matter how stupid or trivial (everyone's favorite must be calling performances of the Vagina Monologues an example of "liberation theology," no?), but did you even read the article you've linked? I know you're not that bright, but wow. It's almost as if you'll republish anything as long as a Jesuit is attacked.

Are you actually a Christian?

Anonymous said...

To Anon:

This site is pretty good. Some Jesuits
are really good men others e.g. Pecklers, Drinan etc are not, in my judgment.

What are performances of the Vagina Monologues at Catholic colleges?

Joe is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:38

I've been reading this blog off and on from the beginning and I believe the point of the blog is to put everything out there: good, bad, and ugly. There just seems to be a lot more bad and ugly when it comes to the Jesuits these days...and that's not Joe's fault. He's just calling attention to the stuff that's out there, readily available in the public domain. What good does it do Catholics and friends of the Jesuits to pretend there's not a whole lot of ugly goin' on in the Church and in the Jesuit order.

Maria said...

Jospeh does a remarkable service to the faithful and the Society. This blog provides an historical account of the Jesuits' modern mission, its glory and the ways in which the Society has, and continues to, fall short of the glory of God. I pray often that the Society will experience true converion and once more prove themselves true soldiers of Christ. God could use a Jesuit reading this blog to lead just such a conversion. We never know how God might use Joseph's witness...

Joseph Fromm said...

Thank you all very much for visiting, it is an honor to have so many wonderful readers.

I encourage anyone wishing to understand the background of the Oregon collapse to to read this post, it could take a full hour or more to read all the back stories behind the links.



Anonymous said...

I agree...I have found myself returning more and more to this site to read the good and the bad...and read of what the Society was (good and bad) and now is (good and bad). There truly seems to be a new and slightly more orthodox (and yet small) current in the Jesuits now, but one can't help but be discouraged when a university (one of many examples) makes decisions that clearly do not jive with (take your pick): Holy Mother Church/AMDG/common sense/etc. As one who has a true soft spot in my heart for St Igantius and the Society, I do pray for a stronger Order that the Catholic Church so much needs today. Keep up the informative site Joe!

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, I can say without a doubt that there is no legal substance (even on the left coast) to the crazy notion that the Oregon province "owns" Seattle University and Gonzaga.

The lawyer quoted just is mad that he missed out on the insurance money. He's just throwing something up against the wall to get some free publicity.

Thankfully the issue will probably be decided in federal bankruptcy court.

The other point is that one guy can cause a serious amount of damage to centuries of goodwill and burn through millions.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:28

Centuries of goodwill can never make up for the thousands of kids and young adults who were raped and abused, both mentally and physically. Centuries of goodwill can never make up for the fact that senior Jesuits covered for pedophiles and rapists and moved them around so they wouldn't have to face up to their heinous crimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is a major problem for the whole Church, especially with the hierarchy in fancy residencies and at the Vatican. The fish stinks from the head down.

Nick S. said...

The Oregon Province is engaged in a spiritual battle, the Jesuits have had their handed to them, they need to wage a spiritual counter offensive consisting of personal holiness, penance, fasting and alms-giving.

Jack in Park Slope said...

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” a well-known quote from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, refers to the benefits of openness and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Ped@oph@lia being a sickness, it was not the aforementioned Jesuit who ruined the province, but the province's leaders, who pretended that he wasn't sick.

Anonymous said...

Ped@oph@lia being a sickness, it was NOT the aforementioned Jesuit who ruined the province, but the province's leaders, who - their obligations to the Jesuit and to the laity notwithstanding - chose to pretend that he wasn't sick.

J Fromm can do better.