Saturday, March 26, 2011

Man Blames Broken Jesuits For His Disbelief In God

"I was leading this dual life: at daytime, I'm talking to sexual abuse victims, I'm talking to lying bishops, lying clergy members, and at nighttime, I'm learning about this great Catholic tradition," William Lobdell said.
Lobdell said when the stories first broke, he was considered more a novelty in the classes he was taking to become Catholic as both a faith reporter and a student of the faith. As time progressed and it became evident that the corruption was widespread, he said others in the class stopped talking about the stories he was reporting.
A week before Lobdell was to be baptized, he decided he couldn't go through with becoming Catholic. In fact, he lost all faith in an intervening, personal God, he said.
Toward the end of his tenure as a religion reporter, Lobdell covered a story about two villages in Alaska. He described the two remote villages as being without water or roads and ruled by the Jesuit missionaries.

Link (here) to the full story

"Losing My Religion" by William Lobdell Listen to Hugh Hewitt's interview podcast (here)

Blogger Note: I listened to his Hugh Hewitt interview on the radio, Lobdell doesn't sound like an atheist, he sounds like a believer who chooses to ignore God.

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