Monday, March 21, 2011

Jesuit On Curing The Deep Wound’s not enough to be spiritual-but-not-religious. Not enough to be a nice guy. We need a cure that goes as deep as the wound. We need, as St. Paul says, through the obedience of one man, to be made righteous. We need Christ. Not surprisingly, Christ turns out to be the ultimate basis for Christian conversion, for Christian fasting, Christian almsgiving, and Christian prayer. We do these practices because Christ himself went before us doing these things; He filled these practices with His own power. We read today that in the desert, Christ himself fasted, underwent trial, and overthrew Satan. It is because He did so that our own fasting can now claim a share in His victory.
Link (here) to read Jesuit Transitional Deacon Arron Pidel's full homily.

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TonyD said...

Yes. It’s not enough to be spiritual-but-not-religious.

Religion means following God through Christ. That means becoming someone with God’s values, judgment, thoughts, actions, and understanding.