Saturday, March 26, 2011

Licentiousness Now Considered Academic Exploration By Jesuit Run Gonzaga University Vice President

Dr. Patricia Killen
Gonzaga University Academic Vice President Dr. Patricia Killen sent an email to students after approving the play? The V@gina Monologues, noting that the play “contains raw language and explicit descriptions of s@xual behavior” but will be “performed in the context of an interdisciplinary academic exploration.” The development was picked up by the Catholic watchdog group Cardinal Newman Society (CNS), which has tracked the popularity of the play among several Catholic institutions of higher learning. Last year, CNS notes, then-Interim President Thayne McCulloh rejected the play because he “could not ignore the historical context that informs review of the current proposal.” Gonzaga has become the fourteenth Catholic campus to welcome the Monologues, ten of which are Jesuit institutions. 
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