Friday, March 11, 2011

Dad On Growing To Love His Son's Jesuit High School

My son is a freshman at a fine boy’s high school run by the Jesuits with a strong tradition of service and athletics. He plays football, basketball, and tennis. He loves his school and, over time, I’ve grown to love it too. But last week something happened which shook me up. I’ve written frequently about the impact of p@rn on our boys and how it distorts their view of women and s@x. I have also written frequently about the “hook up” culture which deprives girls of the emotional connection they really want and boys the chance to grow in their capacity to experience real intimacy. I often bring these issues up at the dinner table because I want my son to know where I stand. 
Last Saturday, he convinced me that he needed to go to the state hockey tournament where many of his friends would be playing for their school. I made him promise to be home for dinner. At the dinner table, I asked about the game. He said that the team had won and his friend’s dad had taken them out for lunch afterward. Then came the words that stung me: “at Hooters!” 
He said it like it was funny. I was floored. What father would take another guy’s 15-year-old son to Hooters?
Link (here) to Tom Matlack at the The Good Feed

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