Friday, March 18, 2011

Never Ending

SNAP is asking the Jesuits to create a public registry of all priests with confirmed reports of abusing children.The request comes after a former Marquette University High School teacher was permanently removed from the ministry.The Rev. Perry Robinson, S.J. worked at MUHS in the 1980s. He was reassigned to a parish in Nebraska after an investigation involving n@de photos of students. Last month, the archbishop of Omaha removed Robinson from the ministry after receiving a new report of abuse from a former MUHS student. SNAP is also requesting that all records and evidence of sex crimes by priests be turned over to law enforcement."I think it's imperative, especially in light of (the Archdiocese of) Milwaukee going through bankruptcy right now, that Archbishop Listecki call on the Jesuit superiors in the city to be transparent and to be forthright with issues of sexual abuse," said John Pilmaier, SNAP Wisconsin's coordinator.
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